Dogs In Work

Despite it not being a prominent feature for a workplace, it is slowly becoming more common for staff to bring their dogs to work with them. Though it is not obligatory for the business to allow this, there are some points to be taken into consideration before a...
Optimum Salary and Dividends for 2019/20

Optimum Salary and Dividends for 2019/20

When running your own limited company a key point of your tax planning should be ensuring that you pay yourself the optimum level of salary and dividends. This advice is most relevant to limited company freelancers, contractors and micro businesses with 1-2 directors...

High Income Child Benefit Charge

The High Income Child Benefit Charge (HICBC) is a tax charge that must be paid when the individual annual income of a Child Benefit claimant or their partner exceeds £50,000. The charge repays back up to 100% of the Child Benefit that’s been paid to the higher earner...


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